Drabble Who


Edited by David J Howe and David B Wake

A charity collection of one hundred, 100-word stories, poems and other writings themed around the subject of Doctor Who.

Dan Abnett, Sophie Aldred, Brian Ameringen, Peter Anghelides, Geoffrey Arthur, Colin Baker, David Banks, Nigel Bannerman, Christopher Barry, Stephen Baxter, Michael Bell, J. Jeremy Bentham, Ness Bishop, Ian Stuart Black, Chris Boucher, Steve Bowkett, Graham S. Brand, Keith Brooke, David Burke, Tim Chapman, Kevin Chitty, Tony Cooke, Nathan Cooke, Paul Cornell, Fiona Cumming, Richard W. Dance, Peter Darvill-Evans, Andrew W. Donkin, Julian Eales, Stan Eling, George Evans, Michael Ferguson, Ian M. Fraser, John Freeman, Stephen Gallagher, Steve Graeme, David Green, Mervyn Haisman, Elizabeth Halliday, Paul Harrington, Alun Harris, Michael Haslett, David J. Howe, Robert Howe, David Inwood, Simon J. Irving, Alison Jacobs, Louise Jameson, Steven Jenkins, Simon Christopher Jones, Andrew Lane, Glenn Langford, Barry Letts, Peter Ling, David Martin, Chaz Mason, Becky Maude, Tim Maude, Graham McKinnon, Adrian Middleton, Brian Milligan, M. R. Morgan, Steve Morgan, Mark Morris, Jim Mortimore, Amanda Murray, John Nathan-Turner, Kate Orman, John Peel, Victor Pemberton, Jon Pertwee, Martin Pollard, Eric Pringle, Justin Richards, John M. Rimmer, Tony Roach, Nigel Robinson, Nicholas Royle, Gary Russell, Robert Sloman, Chris Sparrow, Mark Stammers, Michael E. P. Stevens, Keith Topping, David Tulley, Jan Vincent-Rudzki, David B. Wake, Stephen James Walker, John Wiles and Stephen Wyatt.

Published 4th September 1993
130mm x 180mm.128pp. 8.99. Limited edition hardback. 1000 numbered copies.

Beccon Publishing, 75 Rosslyn Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0RG.

David J. Howe (Editor)

Doctor Who has affected the lives of many people, either because they have contributed to it, or because they enjoy watching it. We hope that, through this collection, we can touch the lives of some people who may never have seen a Dalek, or witnessed the TARDIS dematerialise.

With the help of one hundred fans and professionals we explore the worlds of Doctor Who, whilst raising valuable revenue for the R.N.I.B. Talking Book Library. This allows many thousands of blind and partially sighted people to enter the myriad worlds of fiction, and to enjoy the sights that they find there.

David B Wake and David J Howe with Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker during the promotion for the book.